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Cute Christmas stud earrings with tiny holly berry and leaf Mismatched Asymmetrical Xmas gift idea


Introducing our whimsical Xmas studs – a delightful and festive addition to your holiday ensemble. These charming earrings, crafted with precision from high-quality polymer clay, showcase the artistry of the season with tiny holly berries and leaves, bringing a touch of Christmas magic to your ears.

What makes these posts truly enchanting is their mismatched, asymmetrical design – a playful nod to the joy and spontaneity of the holiday season. The delicate holly berries and leaves, each meticulously shaped by hand, create a whimsical dance of festive cheer that is sure to captivate hearts and spread smiles throughout the season.

Lightweight and comfortable, these stud earrings are not just accessories; they are a wearable celebration of holiday spirit. The attention to detail in the handcrafted polymer clay ensures that each tiny element is a testament to the artisan's dedication, making these studs a unique and treasured gift idea for the Christmas enthusiast in your life.

Whether you wear them to add a touch of merriment to your holiday gatherings or gift them to someone special, these cute holly berry pin earrings are more than adornments – they are a reflection of the joy, warmth, and charm that the season brings. Embrace the festivities with this delightful pair that captures the essence of Christmas in every tiny detail. Elevate your holiday style and share the magic with these beautifully crafted, mismatched studs.


holly berries - polymer clay, protective varnish, golden paint
studs - nickel free alloy
connection – resin glue


The leaf is about 12mm x 6mm (0.5 inch x 0.25 inch)
The diameter of berry is 7 mm (0.3 inch)


If you would like to add any own details to these earrings feel free to text us via email, Facebook Messenger or contact form on site. 


You will receive the earrings in safe packed cute craft paper box with Metally Flower logo.


  • Rub jewelry with a dry or wet brush or a dry napkin.
  • Protect jewelry from a prolonged contact with water.
  • Protect jewelry from a contact with perfumes and any cosmetics.
  • Do not swim/take a shower with jewelry.
  • Keep away from pets and small children.
  • Store the jewelry in a separate box.
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